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Posted 1 month ago

there’s nothing new finished except the other day lazy drawing but there’s a lot of sketches and a chapter ready to ink, I also have like 5 and a half chapters more written down…I still have no name for it, and I’m thinking about coloring too (I’m too lazy for this..maybe) and I would be really grateful if someone want to check it out without dialog to make sure it works visually before I post it somewhere

Posted 1 month ago

I spend all day painting this and I don’t know exactly how I feel about it…

Posted 2 months ago

does anyone have a little curiosity about this or it’s just me?

c’mon guys my art is awesome and we have bikes and cats and girls in their underwear

Posted 3 months ago

surprisingly I’m still working on comics for the arts

Posted 4 months ago

seems like I didn’t forget how to draw at all

Posted 5 months ago

it’s been a while…

Posted 1 year ago

Posted 1 year ago

hey have some Aria 

Posted 1 year ago
Posted 1 year ago

a wild Alti appeared!